Tuesday, May 3, 2011


We went to the zoo this weekend. We LOVE our zoo! It's one of the best we've been to. We are enjoying our yearly membership. So this weekend we decided on a whim to go to the zoo for a couple of hours. It was crazy hot, but we had a great time. The boys each got a fun little monkey at the end of the trip. They both love monkeys!

This is one of my most favorite things about Florida. The beautiful Palm trees ! Every time I look at them it feels so surreal that we're here.
Ben was hurrying to the car-it was so hot and we were ready to cool down!
The zoo also has botanical gardens inside. The greenery in this zoo is just amazing! They have so many trees and flowers, and lots of pretty things to smell and look at! So I took pictures of some pretty flowers to use as desktops.
They were gorgeous to look at and smelled good too!
This was one of my favorite pictures of the trip.
Here is the dock at one end of the zoo.
And the view off to one side of the dock.
Here the boys are listening to some live music. It was Earth Day at the zoo, so they had live music and some booths around the zoo from different organizations promoting "Green" living and things of the sort.
They're so cool. :-P
We got to pet goats,
and even brush their fur. The boys REALLY enjoyed this!
Because of the Earth Day celebrations, they also had this fun inflatable slide. This thing was huge! Ben had fun, but he said it was scary.
Ezra loved it. He tumbled at the very end of his sliding down and planted himself face first at the bottom.
Ben, the Daddy, went on it with the boys and he loved it, too. I had a turn myself, with Ezra (Ben didn't want to go on it again) and I squealed on the way down! That slide was way tall and waaay steep! But it was a blast!
There was a booth with Magnolia Tree Saplings. The boys got to plant one each and take it home.
They had a good time doing this. Ben did a great job putting dirt in his pot, but Ezra seemed to think it was yucky. They get into the dirt when you don't want them to, but when you want them to, they don't want to. Boys! Gotta love'em!

This is the best picture we got of the carousel ride. Ezra is looking away and I'm trying to peer over the moving alligator Benny was on. That carousel was PACKED!
Isn't this flower beautiful? It looks much bigger than it really was.
And this picture looks 10 times better than I thought it would.
Flamingos! They were fun to watch.
We had a great time at the zoo. They boys quickly asked when we were coming back. We'll be back very soon.