Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And the doctor says...

I'm dilated to a 4!
Any day now....
He said he doesn't think I'll make it to the end of the week.
Need I say more?

**happy dance**

Friday, November 21, 2008

This is my "Complaints" post


  • I have a nasty cold and I want it to go away!
  • I have a huge belly and I also want it to go away...hehehe
  • I have a little baby inside my belly that I want very badly to be born-like NOW!
  • Did I mention I have a cold? I can't breathe or sleep or swallow because my throat is so dry it hurts!
  • My ligament pain is totally crazy out of this world painful.
  • Did I also mention that I have regular Braxton Hicks contractions that make me want to cry?
  • I did a huge load of dishes (by hand, we don't have a dishwasher) and when I was done I felt like my hips were going to collapse into a million shards of bone.
  • I need chapstick 24/7 because of this cold.
  • I'm hungry right now.
  • My basement is cold (and I'm in it)
  • I'm doing laundry that needs to get done, but I really wish I was asleep
  • Benny just woke up from a nap that should have been longer than it was.

Thanks for reading my gripes. I'm sure its lovely to "hear" other people complain but I just couldn't think of anything better to blog about.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Baby Anticipation

I have been trying to come up with some ways that I can convince my doctor into inducing me. LoL I have concluded that no matter what I come up with it won't work. Hehehehe, so I just have to wait like every other mother to be out there does. Oh well. You can't have your cake and eat it, too, right? But I can dream.... hehehe

I'm excited for Baby Ezra to be born. I can't wait! I'm so curious to see what he will look like and what his personality will be like. I'm also very excited and curious to see how Benny will react to a new baby brother.

We took a tour of the hospital this last week and it made everything seem really "real" to me, if that makes sense. I was flooded with a bunch of memories from my first labor and delivery experience. I was reminded of the pains and the needles and the shakes, but also of the excitement!! We also took a birthing refresher course that night after the tour. It was a good class. We mostly reviewed breathing and comfort techniques. It was nice to get back massages from Ben without asking him. Hehehehe, the instructor told him what to do and I just sat there almost drooling because it relieved so much tension. :-)

Baby arrival seems so close now! I can feel it, almost. The day will get here before I know it and that's both a great thing and a scary thing. What will it be like to have two children? How will I share my heart? I know I will...I just wonder how it will work and what it will feel like. I'll have two little boys to care for and worry about and to love and hold. **sigh** Motherhood is just a wonderful gift-I'm so blessed and grateful to be able to experience it.

Can you believe that my super organized self still has not finished packing a hospital bag? I'm ashamed. lol I'm almost done, though. All I need is a going home outfit for myself and a change of clothes for Ben. Other than that its ready. I should finish that today. That way I can stop complaining about it to myself. :-)

Its getting closer and closer! I can't wait!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

moving business

My cold is just about gone, just so you know.

I counted all the boxes that I have packed. Almost 90 boxes. Isn't that amazing? We have stuff enough to pack into 90 boxes. And I still have a lot more to pack. I'm a good packer, though. I stuff boxes full to keep items safe and to keep the boxes sturdy. I can't imagine how many more we would have if I was careless about packing.

Our spare bedroom has become our box room. Boxes stacked from floor to ceiling and things are strewn about (things that I still need to go through and sort and stuff). I hope I can get most of this stuff done before the baby arrives. Its getting down to the wire!

My mom is coming in a few weeks for the arrival of her second grand baby. She'll stay with us for about 3 weeks and I am so thrilled! I'm going to need the help like nobody's business! My dad will fly in sometime shortly after my mom gets here. Double the help! Yahoo!

My basement is a mess, too! Things are piled, ready to be stored in their proper places and containers. Blankets are waiting to be washed and baskets are littered around waiting to be put into boxes big enough for them to fit in.

I need to make a path so that we can get rid of our couch that's downstairs and also the futon that already has a new home. I feel motivated, though, so hopefully things will go by more quickly than I'm expecting.

I need to clean the downstairs bathroom and the laundry room. My chest freezer also needs a cleaning, I think. Sitting here, though, typing this all out really makes me want to just get up and get moving on some of this stuff. Its waiting and I'm having energy right now, so I think that's what I'll go do now.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Its off to pack I go....

What a lame blog today. Sorry.

Monday, November 3, 2008


When was the last time you wrote someone a letter? Not an email, but a true and tried hand written letter?

I love writing; I love expressing myself with words. If you haven't noticed, my blogs are usually pretty long. Sometime I have to remind myself that someone might not read it, because its too long. So I try and limit myself. But I love writing things out. It helps me vent and clear my mind and ultimately it always makes me feel good.

Today I will be writing a letter to someone. Today I will express myself with words on paper, with ink in my own handwriting. I will tell how I feel and what I think. I am excited and a bit anxious to get started. I haven't written out a letter in a long time. I have, however, written out a lot of cards-thank you, happy birthday, congrats, etc., but its not the same.

Letters are so personal. They show interest, I think. In our e-world that we live in letters are becoming more and more sparse.

I have a suggestion today: Think of someone you care about, someone special and write them a letter. Not a 4 sentence note, but a true letter. One that begins with "Dear..." or whatever word you choose and ends with a "Sincerely" or "Love" or Truly Yours" or whatever floats your boat. Tell the recipient of the letter something nice. Let them know that you care, or appreciate them. Let them know what you're thoughts are, or share a memory that you have together. It doesn't have to be a novel (like mine will probably be). Letters can really help someone feel special and important. It's especially nice when your spouse does it for you. :-)

You'll feel good. I promise!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Miserable breathing

I am so sick!
I have caught an awful cold. I can't breathe, my throat dries up very quickly so I have to drink a lot of water, which makes me have to go to the bathroom a lot, even though I'm already going to the bathroom like every fifteen minutes because the baby has dropped. LoL I might move in to the bathroom tonight. Or maybe we should buy stock in toilet paper? Our choice is Scott brand. Its easy on the tush and easy on the nose, too! :-) I've already gone through one roll, and just on my nose!

Benny has a runny nose, too. He seems to be having trouble sleeping at night now, too, so he probably doesn't feel great.

Oh my gosh and my heartburn is seriously out of this world! Its comical to me, even though I feel like screaming. Last night I woke up heaven only knows how many times! I took 2 tums at least 4 times and woke up because I couldn't breathe, or because I couldn't swallow (dryness) or because I had to pee (at least 5 times during the night) and then poor Ben was snoring and that woke me up some and on top of that Baby Ezra was moving around like he was taking a karate class in there. **chuckles** and then Smoochie like somehow ended up laying on my face and Benny woke up crying like two times. Oh, it was a nightmare! No pun intended. Especially because I did actually have nightmares while I was actually asleep.

Tonight has been similar. I have already taken some Tylenol and I have a breathe right strip on my nose and I'm stocked up with tissue for my nose, water for my throat and some cough drops. I also took a Zantac pill (which my doc ok'd) for the heartburn. Benny woke up screaming and he wouldn't calm down so I snuggled with him until he was completely asleep and put him back in his crib. Its so hard to do things like that now, with my ginormous belly.

I finally laid down in bed and realized that we never changed any of our clocks for the end of daylight savings time. And Ben started snoring, so I decided to get up and change the clocks before actually attempting to sleep.

So now, off to change clocks and then hop in to bed (actually it will be more like ease my way into bed without cramping anything, although I probably won't be successful at the not cramping thing. hehehe)

Wish me luck!