Monday, December 20, 2010

Kitchen-escapades (to come)

It is wonderful to have all of my things back, especially my kitchen things. Now that we are totally unpacked and have everything is out of storage I can use my own things again. I don't have anything fancy or special, nor do I have special or expensive gadgets. But what I do have, I love!

I have been wanting to start using my things again, but just haven't had the real motivation to get my things out and get cookin'. I have stuck to the regular pots and pans. Nothing fancy. On Sunday, at church, the lesson was about using our leisure time wisely. We should develop our talents and work on meaningful things instead of just constantly vegetating on the couch and watching mindless TV, for example. A list was made on the board about what sorts of things we spend our time doing, that aren't responsibilities (like work and school). I suggested adding to the list "baking" and my new dear friend Katy asked me if I enjoyed cooking. I immediately answered in the affirmative and then got to thinking: "Yes, I do like cooking. In fact, I love it. I love baking, too. I love creating things for my family and friends to enjoy. But I haven't done it a while. I haven't really developed this talent of mine the way I would like to."

So, thanks Katy for reminding me of one of my passions that I had put on the back burner, no pun intended. :-)

So today, I'm using my bread maker and my food processor. Both of which I've only used less than a handful of times. I'm also using my oven and my hands! Talent developing, here I come!

sorry for the lack of photos. once we get our new computer this will be remedied.
it just takes way too long for me to upload. and i dont feel like using google images :-)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm back!

The kids are in bed (although totally not asleep!), Ben is keeping busy and I decided I was going to look at my blog again after months of neglect. I am determined to start blogging again! Things aren't as crazy anymore and I feel like naormality is creeping up on us again. Hooray!

So I'll make my returning debut post simple and easy...

Florida is wonderful! We LOVE it! We love the area we live in, we love our new home, we absolutely love our new ward and the new friends we are making.

The boys are growing ever so quickly! Benny will be starting Primary in the sunbeams class in January and Ezra just turned 2!

We are so excited for Christmas to come, too! It will be a great year with new memories and new traditions started.

We miss our family in Indiana and New Jersey, but we feel like this is home now. We're so excited for this new chapter in our lives! Thanks for sticking around and reading! I'll be sure to keep my blog updated!