Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm back!

The kids are in bed (although totally not asleep!), Ben is keeping busy and I decided I was going to look at my blog again after months of neglect. I am determined to start blogging again! Things aren't as crazy anymore and I feel like naormality is creeping up on us again. Hooray!

So I'll make my returning debut post simple and easy...

Florida is wonderful! We LOVE it! We love the area we live in, we love our new home, we absolutely love our new ward and the new friends we are making.

The boys are growing ever so quickly! Benny will be starting Primary in the sunbeams class in January and Ezra just turned 2!

We are so excited for Christmas to come, too! It will be a great year with new memories and new traditions started.

We miss our family in Indiana and New Jersey, but we feel like this is home now. We're so excited for this new chapter in our lives! Thanks for sticking around and reading! I'll be sure to keep my blog updated!


Ivonne said...

Nice to see you blogging and glad to know you're happy in Florida. Yay for you!

Amanda said...

What area are you in in Florida? We want to see pictures! Lots of them!

Andrea said...

Fun stuff!