Wednesday, November 5, 2008

moving business

My cold is just about gone, just so you know.

I counted all the boxes that I have packed. Almost 90 boxes. Isn't that amazing? We have stuff enough to pack into 90 boxes. And I still have a lot more to pack. I'm a good packer, though. I stuff boxes full to keep items safe and to keep the boxes sturdy. I can't imagine how many more we would have if I was careless about packing.

Our spare bedroom has become our box room. Boxes stacked from floor to ceiling and things are strewn about (things that I still need to go through and sort and stuff). I hope I can get most of this stuff done before the baby arrives. Its getting down to the wire!

My mom is coming in a few weeks for the arrival of her second grand baby. She'll stay with us for about 3 weeks and I am so thrilled! I'm going to need the help like nobody's business! My dad will fly in sometime shortly after my mom gets here. Double the help! Yahoo!

My basement is a mess, too! Things are piled, ready to be stored in their proper places and containers. Blankets are waiting to be washed and baskets are littered around waiting to be put into boxes big enough for them to fit in.

I need to make a path so that we can get rid of our couch that's downstairs and also the futon that already has a new home. I feel motivated, though, so hopefully things will go by more quickly than I'm expecting.

I need to clean the downstairs bathroom and the laundry room. My chest freezer also needs a cleaning, I think. Sitting here, though, typing this all out really makes me want to just get up and get moving on some of this stuff. Its waiting and I'm having energy right now, so I think that's what I'll go do now.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Its off to pack I go....

What a lame blog today. Sorry.

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