Monday, January 5, 2009


We kept it a secret and now its official!

We moved out of the 4th Branch and into the 3rd Ward. Yesterday was our first Sunday. It was weird, I have to admit. All day it felt like we were just visiting. I guess its because visiting the 3rd Ward was something we were already used to. I had to keep telling myself "this is your ward." Everyone was really nice and really welcoming, though. I appreciated it very much.

Yesterday was also Benny's first Sunday in Nursery. He loved it!! As we were in line to drop him off he was getting so impatient and was making noise because he wanted to go in already. No patience, my little turkey! Anyway, he did really well we were told and I'm sure that next week will go just as well. He did cry, though when it was time to leave. Can you tell he's not social enough?! lol I guess thats what you get when you're the eldest child and you're still only 19 months. :-P

Today will be a busy day I think. We're going grocery shopping and hopefully we'll get some other errands done. Ben is on vacation starting Wednesday! WooHoo! I think we're going to try to relax a bit and also get some painting done in the basement.

Happy Monday!


Ed said...

Hey, it's good to hear that things went well in your "new" ward. I hope that Benny continues his enthusiasm for nursery. Heidi was very excited about going to nursery for several weeks. Yesterday she refused to go. I think it's probably a combination of reasons: Sam is no longer there with her and she wasn't feeling very well. At any rate, she was very happy to hang out with me for the day, and I enjoyed having her.

Carlin said...

Grant always loved nursery, do you remember him standing on the benches in Sacrament meeting yelling, "All done, go nursery"! Those were really fun weeks for us : ) I am glad I never had a child not want to go, it makes your sunday so much nicer : )