Saturday, September 5, 2009

Where has this year gone?!

Our bathroom is on the second floor and we have a big window in the shower. The view, in my opinion is beautiful. All you see (if the window is open, because its a frosted window) are trees and leaves and sky. When I shower, I love to look out the window. Its almost as if I'm in the trees.

This morning as I was in the shower I was looking out the window and I noticed some "bunches" of something colored red. I was very curious what in the world it could be so I kept observing...

There are red leaves on the trees!

Can you believe that? Already!

This year has flown by thus far. Its been a great one, though. Full of many different experiences. I know next year will be even better! But for now, I will be enjoying the cooler, fresher weather and anticipating the beautiful colors of fall.


Amanda said...

I can't wait for cooler weather, and the beautiful fall colors! But I agree, where has the year gone?!?

Ed said...

I know what you mean. Life just gets faster and faster. I am glad to see Autumn approaching too, but I do have some feelings of regret about the summer. I feel like this summer hasn't been as good as I could have made it because I was always a little too focused on how busy I was at work. Now that the summer is winding down (and the major project that I've been working on since January is too), I'm feeling like I could've done more. Alas, it's time to turn a new leaf over and move on to something else.

Jeff said...

I hear that one. We’re planning on heading down to Brown County, some upcoming weekend, to see the leaves. We just have to wait until they hit their full glory, around here, and then wait two weeks. (Isn’t it fascinating that a mere 100 miles can make that big a difference?)