Monday, November 30, 2009

Ezra's Birthday Celebration

Here is the birthday boy! Ezra is such a happy little guy!
Cupcakes are so fun!
And here's Ezra's birthday cake with the family tradition happily being continued. For the 1st birthday its always chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting and m&ms. Ice cream is a part of the deal, too!

The Birthday Prince!

Getting ready to have cake and ice cream!

Party Hat!

Happy Birthday To You!
What's this? Is it all for me?!
Oh man, this is gooooood!
The party hat is ruining everything! Take it off!
Much Better!!!!

Big Brother Benny

Friend Paul

Friend Carter

Cousin Heidi

Cousin Caleb

Cousin Sam

It was a great birthday celebration. I just can't believe my little baby is already 1 year old!


Ed said...

I'm really glad I got to be at this little guy's 1st birthday celebration. What a cutie! His precious sweet smile turns away all the worries of the world.

Miss you guys already! Hope you have an awesome week.

Anna said...

Thanks so much for sharing these. I've been thinking about him all weekend! So cute!

Acceber said...

Hey, I love the pictures! Thanks so much for posting! Each one made me smile! Love you all!!! I sent out your holiday card today! Yippee!

Aubrey said...

So fun! thanks Sharline! I can't get over Ezra's hair!! and of course his huge grin! I love it. Love you all and Happy Birthday big boy!

Carlin said...

I can't believe it either! It seems like you just had him. He is so beautiful, what a fun birthday.
Hope you are doing well and enjoying living by/with family ; )