Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm back!

My parents have gone back home this afternoon. Its now the four of us-our new little family. :)

Benny is fussy right now because he wants to get at a ball that's out of reach and Ezra is on me in his sling just happily sucking away at a binky that continuously falls out of his mouth. Smoochie (the dog) is running up and down the stairs being a little stinker-she's kinda going through hormonal issues right now, so she's crying all the time.

I have been thinking a lot about what I wanted to blog about and I have so many things I'd like to write, but I have chosen one thing to bring up for today.

Yes, Angels.

I know that Angels are all around us. Spiritual ones that have no physical body and then those are are physically present with us. My parents have been the latter for us this week. The amount of help that they gave us these first two weeks since Ezra arrived have been wonderful. Yeah, I know I'm omitting the huge fight that my Dad and I had in the middle of the first week and the fact that some things got used that I didn't want used-but that's all nothing compared to the reality of the outcome of their presence.

My mother happily cooked all of our meals and took special care of Benny. She fed and bathed and changed him. My dad helped me reseal some huge boxes and moved heavy furniture for me while Ben was at work. My mom cleaned my basement-the unfinished part. It sparkles now-I kid you not. She helped me pack a bunch of boxes of stuff that was in the unfinished part of the basement. She threw out a bunch of trash and empty boxes that had been sitting on the basement floor for months.
She did all of our laundry. ALL of it-even comforters and sheets and pillowcases. Floors were swept and mopped. Dishes were washed, and even my fridge and oven were cleaned spotless. The microwave got a good scrubbing, the freezers got cleaned, too and even coolers that were outside on the deck got brought inside and scrubbed clean. My bathrooms are so clean I could eat off the floors. Even groceries were paid for. Babysitting was gladly provided for so we could go to doctors appointments, errand running and a work dinner.

The help that they gave us and the support they rendered was so incredible. Their generosity was so sweet and so loving that I just don't know what the right way would be to thank them for what they did. My load was so incredibly lifted! They left my house in much better shape than I could have possibly imagined. The work they did would have lasted me at least twice as long as it took them, especially with Benny to take care of and constant nursing of Ezra.

I'm sad my parents have gone home to Jersey. We're going to miss their presence. Their laughter, their kind words of support and unsolicited I think this is the most time I've been with my parents in one visit since I moved out of home. We had true angels staying with us these past couple of weeks. I'm so grateful. I love them. They are spectacular parents.

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Amy E said...

Awesome post. What sweet and generous parents you have. You're so blessed to have them! And so lucky they are able to do those things for you. I hope you're doing well and I hope I can see you before you move away!