Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tender Mercy

Its interesting how bad things can strengthen one's faith and hope. This week thus far has been crazy and one of trials.

Benny was having a tantrum of sorts because he didn't want his diaper changed and was kicking his legs. I moved a bottle of milk that was on the "table" part of the changing table on to the TV right next to it and in that split second Benny fell off the changing table.
It was horrible! He had x-rays taken at Urgent Care and the doctor preliminarily determined that he had a fracture on his clavicle. We later took him the Pediatrician and she sent us to get a cat scan because she feared he had a fracture on his skull due to a little blood she found behind his eardrum. So off we went to the ER (it was after hours) and he had the scan. The radiologist said there was no fracture.
We were relieved that he only had a fracture on his collar bone-that was less scary than a fracture on his head! He slept pretty well with his sling on and seemed to be in better spirits. We prayed and thanked Heavenly Father for this trial, because it helped us strengthen our testimony of the Atonement, and it reminded us that we aren't alone.
The following day we got a phone call from the doctor that saw him at Urgent Care. She said that the Radiologist had finally looked at the x-rays taken of his clavicle and he determined that there were no fractures!
It was truly a miracle. It strengthened our testimonies even more. It was something awful, but we are grateful for Heavenly Father's tender mercies. It truly was a tender mercy.

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