Thursday, March 5, 2009

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Time has been short lately. I haven't had the time to do all that I want, but I have had the time to do all that I need, which is good. We're going to the Temple on Saturday. I'm very excited. Its been a while since we've gone-the last time we went to the Temple it was in October of last year and it was to the Manhattan Temple. Anyway, we really need this and I can't wait!

This trip to the Temple has made us think about the things that we can improve in our lives. We are beginning to evaluate what we watch on TV. There are so many things that we are just desensitized to that we don't realize we shouldn't allow such things in our home. I think about our kids and I just don't want them to think that certain things are normal, because they see it on TV, ya know? It doesn't seem like it will be too big of a deal to stop watching some shows, either. :-) I hope, anyway.

And to end this short and out of place blog, I've lost 5 pounds! Woot Woot!

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Aubrey said...

Yay Sharline!!!! that is awesome! I have worked out 4 days so far this week, so maybe I will get back on track for real this time! I am glad you are getting to go to the temple!