Friday, March 12, 2010


Its Friday!! I'm so happy for the weekend!
Being Friday, the start of the weekend I thought I would celebrate with my munchkins this morning. At the Queendom (although its not feeling very Royal lately) we very rarely have sugary cereal, nor do we hardly ever buy chocolate milk. Well, on a whim I decided to buy a chocolatey-sweet cereal that was on clearance at Target and earlier in the week I bought some Nesquik milk (it makes me think of my childhood so fondly).

{cereal image source} {banana image source}

So for breakfast this morning we had our usual banana (I think the boys' world would explode if they didn't have a banana for breakfast everyday) and I busted out the chocolate milk! Now Benny has only had chocolate milk once in his life and it was while we still lived in Indiana; it was roughly a year ago. He didn't like it at all! So I wondered if his palette would appreciate the smooth chocolatey taste from the milk. Ezra has never had chocolate milk, either. So off went the experiment. I gave Benny his cup of milk (not a sippy cup, thankyouverymuch) in a brand new spiderman cup that I bought at Target, too. Ezra used a big-boy sippy cup with no stopper.

Not to my surprise the boys LOVED the chocolate milk. They were then offered some of the choco-goodness cereal and of course, they loved that, too. For lunch we will have some chocolate caramels as a small dessert after we eat the real food. Hehehehe... After dinner we'll have some chocolate, too. Just because today is Choco-Friday at the Queendom!
{milk image source}

Every once in a while we need these kinds of treats; I know it creates fun memories, even though they probably won't remember these that are so early on. But still. It convinces me that I am a cool mom. :o)


Andrea said...

You ARE a cool mom! Eliot eats a banana every day for breakfast, too.

Sharline said...

hahahaha, you're too kind Andrea! And did you see my image sources?! lol You're awesome, thanks!