Friday, May 28, 2010

Benny Bear

Benny made me a Mommy. He arrived 3 years ago today. I still prefer his tantrums over the contractions. :-) He has grown so much, and he has turned out to be more than I could have imagined. He's perfect. He is so sweet, and so smart. He's a great big brother. He's my little guy!
He was always the happiest baby around!He was also very good at bonking his head. Actually, he's still good at it.

Happy, even though he had a hurt arm.



Ed said...

Oh Sharline, what cute pictures!I can't wait to squeeze the little buddy tomorrow at his party!! See you soon.

Andrea said...

He's so BIG! Happy birthday, Benny!

Amanda said...

Happy birthday Benny! We meant to call, but we will have to try tomorrow!

Frances said...

What a cutie!