Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Prince of Darkness

We watch several dramas on CBS. One of those is Criminal Minds, which had its Season Finale yesterday. We recorded it and watched it later that night. The episode was all about this psycho who would get inside a house during a black-out (they were in LA and there were scheduled rolling black-outs) and kill (among other things). The media in the city nicknamed him "The Prince of Darkness." The last home he broke into, he turned the power off for himself. It was a creepy episode, as are most of them.

It was really late and we had already started watching the next show's (CSI: NY) season finale. We were sitting in the living room, just the two of us. Everyone else was asleep. Then everything goes black. Yes. All the electricity is gone. Benny instantly starts screaming, crying, and yelling. My handy cell phone is used for light as I go to the trusty MagLite. I get to Benny and start explaining what was happening and I couldn't help but look out the window. I saw that everything was pitch-black outside, too. Then the lights came back on. Then, a few minutes later they went off again. And finally back on again.

It was so creepy! I couldn't help but look everywhere-out the window, the corners of the rooms, the ceiling...
Then, Ben and I sat on the couch to resume our season finale and we were talking about what had just happened. We joked that we wouldn't put it past CBS to pay for brown-outs in select viewing areas late at night to cause extra creepiness for their show. Either way, we can't wait for next season!


Ed said...

I haven't seen that show in a while. What was it's regularly scheduled time this season?

Great story, btw. If CBS doesn't know about it, they'd probably enjoy hearing the story.

I have often enjoyed watching that show, but it borders on a level of creepiness that keeps me up at night. :-D Not only that, but it definitely causes problems for Kelly, so we just don't watch it that often.

Sharline said...

Wednesdays at 9pm.

Yeah, we always have to watch something else afterwards, because I get creeped out. I also have to fast forward the theme music, becuase its especially creepy for me. Hahaha

I.M. said...

The previews alone are scary enough. I don't need to go further than that. I would have jumped off my seat if I had seen that and then the lights went out!!

Acceber said...

Awesome story. I would have been crying if this happened to me, gripped with fear. I absolutely LOVE that show. That episode was particularly creepy, though. I never miss an episode. Did you know that in middle school and highschool I wanted to be a criminal profiler?