Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Whistle While You Work...

Time has flown and our little guys are big enough to help around the house. House work never ends and if Mommy can get help, she's gonna take it! The boys love being helpers and are really good about cleaning up. That convinced me that it was time for them to have a chore chart. We planned this about a month or two in advance. I searched for the materials I wanted and worked on a Family Home Evening lesson that would tie everything in, a chore chart, responsibilities, working, and an allowance with money jars.

Here is Ezra posing with his new money jars. Boy, was he excited to get to drop coins in his jars! We decided that we would start them off with a couple of dollar bills. We showed Ezra some dollar bills and asked him what they was. We expected him to say "money" but instead he very quickly and clearly said "Cash!" We thought it was so funny! Who knows where he got that from!
Here is Ben with his money jars. He was so excited to get to separate the money and distribute it. He put a lot of his money into his Mission fund, because he can't wait to be 19 and go on a mission. He said he wants to go to Mexico on his mission.
I explained that the boys would have daily responsibilities that they needed to get gone. Once they did those, any other jobs they did would make them eligible to receive payment in form of money. I used clip-art to show what the jobs are, since they can't read yet. I also used some already made chore charts I got from Target dollar section to place the clip-art on. we put them on on a wall in our dining room, where they will see it multiple times a day, and be reminded that they too have to help.

On the back of each jar I used stick on letters to write their name so that we never confused which one belongs to whom.
The different jars are labeled "Mission" so they can save up for their missions; "Tithing" so they can put away the 10% of what they earn to pay in tithing; and "Savings" where we encourage them to save their money, and/or save up for something they really want.
I keep them together in the little "box" that the jars originally came from. My goal is to cover it in paper or mod podge it or maybe even just paint it. But I haven't gotten there yet.
Here are the charts I made with so much love. I didn't have a laminator so I used clear packing tape to laminate each square of clip-art.

It was a great FHE night. So far they've done pretty well. I hope this will allow them to be more responsible than I was while I was growing up. They had a blast with talking about all the different jobs they now had and with counting their money.


Tammy said...

How fun! I cannot wait for Jack to be old enough to help! Oh wait. Yes I can! Anyway. You did an awesome job! The boys look like they are excited to get started!

Andrea said...

Nice! I've been thinking that we should do this too, but I keep putting it off. I think Little Boy would really like it.