Monday, September 8, 2008

The cat's outta the bag

Well, the baby is asleep and I thought I'd pop in for a quick blog.

This weekend is finally gone! What relief! It was a big weekend for us, because we had been let know that Ben would be released from his calling as Branch President on Sunday. We both had nightmares during the week that Sunday never came, or that the Stake Presidency never showed up-something seemed to happen so that the release wouldn't come through. Sunday didn't arrive fast enough for me-the anxiety was very suspenseful. It was more than I wanted it to be.

Anyway, Sunday morning arrived and we both got up really early and went to church really early. Sacrament meeting started and I started getting butterflies in my tummy. After the sacrament hymn Pres. Connolly announced the changes. Oh my goodness, you could literally feel the shock in the room. After the sustainings, the new Branch presidency sat up front and Ben continued to conduct the meeting, per Pres. Connolly's request. Testimony meeting was now on the old and new Presidency. Ben was asked to speak first and he gave a great testimony. Then, I had the privilege of bearing my testimony next. As I went up there I felt light headed. I was so nervous! Anyway, I said all that my heart felt and showed support for the new Branch President. Afterwards the new counselors went up and gave their testimonies. Then we had the closing hymn.

My anxiety for this day wasn't only because I knew Ben was going to be released form his calling, but also because of the news the branch was going to get. Ben and I decided that when he gave his testimony on this day that he would announce to everyone that we are moving to New Jersey at the end of the year. Our families already knew of this decision and also some friends from church and Pres. Connolly, but no one in the branch knew. We didn't feel it was right for them to know yet, since we didn't know if Ben would be released soon or closer to the time of our leaving Indiana.

When Ben said those words-that we were moving out of Indiana at the end of they year, and that's why the change was made sooner, you could hear a pin drop. The room went silent. I think everyone was more shocked at hearing this news, than that of the changes in the Branch Presidency. It was almost eerie.

The relief that I felt after sacrament meeting was over was unbelievable. It was a literal feeling of weight being taken off my shoulders. No more hiding the fact that we're moving and plus, no more having to have the responsibility of knowing that Ben was in charge of this congregation. Don't get me wrong, I wasn't anxious for him not to be president anymore, but the responsibilities are consuming and I knew that Ben had his plate full. With going back to school and craziness at work and plus having to help take care of me and Benny while I'm preggy is a lot-let alone the meetings and staying after church and getting there early, and mutual and then phone calls and interviews and missionary exchanges and welfare issues and the list goes on and on-it was just a lot.
And on top of it all, we're getting things ready to move to the east coast. Phew! It tires me out just typing it!
We knew however, that if he wasn't released now that it was because that's the way Heavenly father wanted it and that we would be given the strength to deal with everything that we have.

It felt right, though. It felt comforting. I know this was the way He wanted it to be for us and for the branch.

No one at work knows about the move yet, and we're going to keep it that way a little longer.

This ride is over. It was so marvelous. We served the best we could. We saw people grow and learn and accomplish miracles. We'll never be a part of their lives the same way. We're leaving soon and when we do, our relationships with them will never be the same, either.

It's very Bittersweet. For Sure.

But thank goodness the weekend is over! :-)


Ed said...

Kelly and I were both wondering as we discussed this yesterday how long been had been branch president and also how long he had been in the branch presidency altogether.

Sharline said...

In the branch presidency for a total of 5 years and as branch president about 3 months shy of 2 years.