Monday, September 29, 2008

Marvelous Monday Mail

I'm not usually excited about Mondays, but today I am. I got up groggy as usual for a Monday and did my regular morning routine. I went out to get the mail and when I opened the mailbox was shocked to find it jammed full of mail. I had at least 10 envelopes to open, let alone 3 magazines plus some junk mail and advertisement postcards. I will give you a highlight of the wonderful mail I got today!

  • I got the latest issue of one of my favorite magazines- Ready Made
  • I also got Better Homes and Gardens, which came with a great insert full of coupons.
  • I got coupons for free entrees from Michelina's because I emailed them to let them know how much I enjoyed their frozen entrees.
  • I also got an AWESOME PG Brand Saver (Proctor & Gamble) coupon insert in the mail (because I filled out a survey) with coupons worth over $74-this is the same insert that was in yesterday's paper. Oh my gosh, I was in heaven yesterday clipping coupons and today when I got a duplicate of what I got yesterday in the paper I almost had a heart palpitation. They are awesome coupons!
  • I got 3 coupons for $1 off ANY Huggies product because I emailed them to let them know that I enjoyed their diapers and baby toiletry items. This sweet coupon deal means I can probably get some wipes for less than $1!
  • I got my Home Made Simple Coupon Booklet!!! Awesome coupons (like Mr. Clean, Swiffer, Cascade) that can be doubled, plus a coupon for a free item!
  • I also got a school fundraiser thing from two of my nephews. Really great magazine subscription rates. I may have to get something!
  • I got an insurance claim "receipt" saying that some lab work for Benny wasn't covered and I may owe my provider $1.00. Yes, just a buck. :-)
  • Ben's pay stub :-D
  • Vehicle insurance statement/bill and its $20 less than last month's bill!
  • Verizon bill arrived and we have a credit of over $200, so we don't have to pay anything this month. How did that happen? We must have paid twice one month. It's pretty awesome, though.

And then I check my email and I have a friend request on facebook from someone I knew when I was like 12 or 13! She served a mission in my home ward and I would go on splits with her and she was just the sweetest sister missionary and I had been wondering what had happened to her.

Oh, just lots of fun and happy surprises today for me! I hope this is a forecast for the rest of the week! All I need now to make this day almost to perfection is some chocolate! Hehehehe

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