Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Random Thought for the near future...

What a weekend! My brother and sister in law Ed and Kelly came to visit from Maryland. They left early this morning. It was so great to get to spend so much good time with them. We talked and laughed and frantically searched for an article in some church magazines (we weren't successful-I think I threw it out! :-/ ) and had lots of soup (i.e. ice cream). Good times.

It was difficult to see them go and give them that last goodbye hug until next time. Next time for us will be the first weekend in October where we will meet up in Jersey so we can take them to NYC. I feel lucky that we get to see them sooner than everyone else. I remember what it felt like to say goodbye to them the night before they moved to Maryland-it'll be a year in January. I cried a lot, it was really sad-they were/are some of our best friends. We love them and their kids. We were married 6 months after they were. We relate and have a lot of the same humor. We are family. That's the key word: Family.

I was thinking about that day, the day they left, because I was wondering what it would be like for us, on the day that we leave. We will leave behind our house and our friends, and most importantly, our family. My husband's family is not just his family, but they are MY family, too. My sisters and brothers. My nieces and nephews. My parents, too. It will be so hard to leave this all behind. I will truly miss the corn fields, the roads, the streets, the people (and Super Walmart!!!! We won't have one close AT ALL). It will be a hard time.

I am thankful, however, that I have the Gospel in my life. I have faith that this is the right decision for my little family right now. We will survive the heartache. We will be strong and confident that we will still have good relationships with these sweet spirits that I am now eternally linked to. And we will be able to give tours of NYC to them, too!

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Ed said...

Hey Sharline, I'm glad we could come stay with you guys and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

I finally found the little blurb Ben was talking about in the New Era. It's titled "Do You Know?" and can be viewed by clicking here. It is found in the January 2008 New Era, page 39. Enjoy! Oh, and I still disagree with them.