Thursday, August 21, 2008

(Today) Happiness is...

1. Having the doctor say "everything is good, good, good!"
2. Packing boxes and moving closer to my final goal
3. Thinking of personal insights that might help someone else
4. Having a yummy lunch with my favorite boys-Ben and Benny
5. Paying all of the bills on time!
6. Looking at my big, round belly and watching the baby poke at me from inside
7. Listening to Aleks Syntek's great lyrics and music
8. Going into Benny's room after he wakes up from a nice long nap
9. Saving over 50% on my grocery bill thanks to great deals and great coupons
10. Getting TWO new Pampers coupons!!
11. Surfing the net
12. Taking a shower
13. Holding Smoochie
14. Getting great compliments on my sandals
15. Ben telling me that my belly is cute while I got dressed

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