Monday, August 18, 2008

Snip Snip

What a feeling!
I cut my son's hair on Saturday night. His first haircut. He's almost 15 months old. He also just started walking!!
His cute little head, with his perfect little curls and beautifully shiny dirty blonde hair just makes me want to smile! His hair was getting long! It was also uneven, so we thought it was finally time to get the clippers out.

He sat in his booster seat in the middle of the living room with Daddy kneeling in front of him to help me keep him from wiggling like crazy. I took some shears and clipped the first curl for a setimental keepsake. I felt that snip through every vein in my body! I almost shivered and definitely got some goosebumps. My little guy's little curl-gone! with a single short snip. Of course, it didn't even phase him, but nonetheless it was sort of a horrible feeling for me. Oooh, I even shudder at the thought of it. The rest of the clipping of those curlies was better. It still was somewhat of a hard thing, but I was fine. I gingerly placed the curls on a napkin so I could later preserve them in between some big pieces of clear packing tape. :-) I got the clippers out and started buzzing away. This was nerve-wracking, because I didn't want to scare him or hurt him. He looked so funny with bald spots on the top of his head! At one point little Ben seemed to get nervous, probably due to the buzzzzzz noises of the clippers. He held on to Daddy and Daddy held him close while I continued to try and get an even clip. Once I was finally done, I felt relieved that we all lived through it and that it had finally been done. I had been putting it off because I loved his head of hair! That, and those darn cute curls!! He looks so much like Daddy now!

Now Benny's hair will grow out evenly and hopefully a little thicker. My cutie! I'm glad I was able to cut it myself and that we didn't need someone else to do it for us. It was cool to give him his first haircut!

We put Benny in the bath and then to bed. Afterwards, it was Daddy's turn to get his haircut. He sat still for me and wasn't scared at all! :-) We showed up to church the next morning and everyone commented on how cute Benny was and how much he looked like his Daddy.

It was a good weekend!

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