Thursday, February 19, 2009

Better day!!

Today has been a great day, thus far!! The sun is shining in through all the open blinds in the house. It looks so cheery outside, despite the fierce cold I know is out there. I woke up and did my regular routine-feeding the boys, changing diapers, cleaning up a bit from last night's living room messes, etc. No migraine today! I went downstairs and was determined to work out! Ezra was asleep and Benny was content to come downstairs with me. I worked out for a half hour and it was much easier than the last time. WooHoo!! I am determined to stay hydrated today, too. I know that lack of enough water gives me headaches, too.

I'm going to a "girls night" tonight. Beading and for me, some sewing. I am going to learn how to make the greatest towels ever! Homemade kids' towels with hoodies! I can't wait!! I have been wanting to sew something for a while, but just haven't been able due to time and kids, and stuff of that sort. So tonight I will take advantage and get my sew-on! lol I have many projects that I want to work on, but they are on hold until after we move, since all the materials are packed.

Anyway, its been a great day! I think the rest of the day will be, too! My attitude definitely plays a part in all this!

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