Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It seems like will power plays a large part in my daily life. I can say I don't feel like doing this, or doing that, but wanting something badly enough can make that "laziness" dissipate into something doable.
I felt horrible today, having woken up this morning with a bad migraine. I felt like laying and doing nothing, but I persevered and had a productive day. I did some "yard work," cleaning off of our back deck and taking trash out to the curb along with heavy recycling bins. I also sorted through some stuff in a suitcase, picked up after Benny and even made dinner.
My head has been hurting throughout the day, but it did get better, too. I wasn't able to get all that I wanted to get done today, but I did something, and that's good enough, I suppose. I have to remember that one day won't kill me. Tomorrow will be a new day, full of other opportunities and other events.
Being healthy is definitely my #1 priority right now, so I need to make sure I don't over work myself and make myself feel worse. But I know I'm doing all I can and I know that if I have self discipline, my will power will come to save me! I made great choices today and despite not having a lot of things checked off on today's To Do List, I feel great!

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Amy E said...

Good for you! I applaud you for trying to make the most of the day, despite how you were feeling. I hope you feel better today!!