Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We finally made it outside!

The weatherman said it was going to be 68 degrees today. Yesterday, I planned out this great adventure of going to the park and having a picnic. I made sure we had clean clothes ( I was doing like 8 loads of laundry since this morning) and made a yummy lunch consisting of PB&J sandwiches, grapes, goldfish crackers, capri sun and fruit snacks. I packed the lunch, dressed the kids and waited for Ben to get home from work (1pm-ish). We went to a local park, got out of the car and realized it was chillier than expected. As we got to the playground we saw signs that said it was for ages 5-12. We attempted, but very quickly realized Benny was just too young for the playground.

So off we went, back into the car to another park we knew would have what we wanted. Benny threw a fit of course, but we pulled through and arrived a few minutes later. We had fun on the swings and on the slide and even on a horsey that was on a huge spring. Benny seemed to have more fun just walking down the path of the park. I took my camera to take pictures, but was unsuccessful at taking the camera out and actually using it. More to follow on that.

We then walked to a picnic table under a shelter area and we sat down to have our late lunch. Ezra started crying some and Benny fussed, so he sat on Daddy's lap. We really enjoyed our lunch-it was delicious, but we ate very quickly. It was CHILLY! I don't think the weatherman's predictions came to be. It had to be a lot lower, plus it was windy. We made it to the car with pink, runny, and cold noses. The sun started to shine through the cloudy sky as we were making it to the car and I stopped to enjoy some sunlight on my face as I fought the shivers. I was sad at not having taken any pictures, but I was just too cold to get the camera out. The sky wasn't very pretty and our faces were red. The wind was blowing harder than we expected, too. But we needed to get out! We needed to feel like Winter hadn't taken over our lives. Today it was in the lower to mid 60's-tomorrow its supposed to be 59 and rainy. So I'm glad we took advantage of the "nicer" weather today.

It was worth it, though. I can't wait until Spring arrives. I need more sun, more warmth and more fun days at the park with my 3 favorite guys.

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