Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Habitual Behavior

I was just thinking this morning about the things that we do that are habitual. For example, I "roll" toilet paper onto my hand off of the roll in a particular way and I've been doing it that way since as long as I can remember. I sit at the computer desk a certain way, with my feet crossed and legs folded underneath my chair. I put my pants on one leg at a time, but I always start with my right leg. I button my buttons the same way every time. I even change diapers in a particular way and order-the same way since the very first diaper I changed on Benny. My dishes are washed the same way every time and even the way I wipe the table down is the same.
My point is not that I am a boring person and do things monotonously, because this is not so since I am talking about menial things, things that are done subconsciously. My point is that I am a creature of habit as I'm sure everyone else is, too. I will share one habit that is pretty unique to me, and hopefully you can share one of yours.

When I go to bed at night I take my socks off and put a fresh, clean pair on. In the morning when I wake up I take that pair off and put another fresh, clean one on and then I put my slippers on. I do this every day. Every single day. lol It just makes me feel clean, somehow.
What's your habit?

Before I end, though, I need to share my victory from last night! Ezra slept on his own in his bassinet for 4 hours last night! I finally got to sleep by myself (well, with Ben, but without a baby in my arms!!)

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Ed said...

I can't really think of anything too exciting. As a teenager, I used to smell every article of clothing before getting dressed. I still do that on rare flash-back instances. Don't ask why, cuz I dunno...

Another habit I have had for a long time and still do is drinking a glass of water before I go to bed. Must have my water.

I'm sure I have other even more peculiar habits, but I can't seem to think of any at the moment. If I think of another, I'll post again.